If your pain, nausea & sensitivity to light or noise don’t get better with over-the-counter or even prescription drugs, is there another option. Medical cannabis may help ease migraine or migraine like symptoms or possibly keep them from starting.

Marijuana has natural compounds called cannabinoids. When you use it, these cannabinoids go into your body and look for the receptors. They change how the receptors work, and they can calm down pain signals to and from the brain.

Many of those who get regular migraine headaches and are using marijuana daily to prevent attacks generally see about a 40% decrease in the number of migraine headaches they got each month.

In another win-win for marijuana research, a study has found that the active compounds in cannabis are more effective at reducing the frequency of acute migraine pain than prescription migraine meds, and with fewer side effects.  Migraine pain usually affects both sides of the head and is more often than not accompanied by a sensitivity to light and nausea.

THC-CBD is slightly better at reducing the frequency of migraine attacks than the commonly prescribed meds and THC-CBD is very effective at reducing migraine pain, cutting it by 43.5%.

Cannabis is also effective at reducing the severity of pain in cluster headache sufferers, but only if they had a history of migraines from childhood on ( so studies say).

Medical marijuana is effective at reducing the frequency of migraines, and it adds to a chorus of research findings pointing to marijuana compounds as less risky alternatives to prescription pain meds.