If you suffer from a debilitating illness or condition, you know how frustrating it can be to find the relief that you so desperately need. Trying to find the right medication is likely another facet of your frustration, as many have the ability cause discouraging side effects. This is a difficult cycle to break, but the relief you need could be closer than you think. In Wayne, many patients are now beginning to turn to medical marijuana for relief. This natural solution has endless amounts of benefits. Rest assured that our doctors have studied medical marijuana in depth and can administer the right products for you and your condition.

How the Process Works

Before you explore medical cannabis as an option for you, you’ll first have to establish that you qualify as a medical marijuana patient in Wayne, New Jersey. You’ll need to prove your residency and then be diagnosed by your primary physician that you have a debilitating medical condition. More specifically, the New Jersey program requires that all patients have an established patient/doctor relationship, which can take many appointments to establish. From there, you must register with the MMP Patient Registry. Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals in Wayne if you have questions about the qualification process.

Your Initial Visit

Once you have your registry identification card, schedule an appointment with one of our qualified doctors! During your initial exam, your doctor will perform a focused physical exam and help determine an individualized treatment plan to fit your needs.

Forms of Medical Marijuana

There are many different ways that medical marijuana can enter your system, and there are many factors that have an impact on the effect, including dosage, strain, method of consumption, biochemistry, mindset, diet and your history of cannabis usage. Medical cannabis in Wayne can be inhaled as it is traditionally done, but it also comes in capsules, tablets, oils, tinctures and oromucosal sprays. It may also be administered through balms or lotions.

Potential Side Effects

Rest assured that the side effects of medical marijuana are typically mild and short-lived. Impairments include memory issues, sensory perception, slower reaction time, poor problem solving or other minor effects. Of course, everyone reacts differently, so talk with our doctors if you have questions about potential side effects.

If you’re a resident of Wayne, New Jersey and you’re interested in how medical cannabis can help improve your debilitating illness, contact New Jersey Alternative Health to get start