An Important Message from Dr. Sachin K. Shah, Medical Director of Alternative Health of New Jersey

Dear Patient,

My name is Sachin K. Shah, MD and I am the medical director of Alternative Health of New Jersey. I am the physician who has been certifying and renewing your status as a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program participant.

In November, New Jersey residents voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. Just in the past few weeks, New Jersey’s State Assembly and Senate also voted in favor of this. On Monday, the Bill hit a roadblock. Governor Murphy and state lawmakers need to iron out how to handle penalties for underage use and how to approach the decriminalization process. Top lawmakers in the state are still not on board with a full decriminalization process, which means individuals can still be arrested for public use and possession of marijuana until further notice.

It’s important to understand there is a significant difference between recreational and medical marijuana. First off, the concentration and strains are very different, and those that are being used for medicinal use will only be available through medically approved, state approved dispensaries after being certified by a physician, like myself and the office of Alternative Health of New Jersey. While marijuana may be easier to find at some point in the future, it is important for you to work with a licensed medical doctor to follow your care where they can recommend different strains, amounts, or methods to use medical marijuana to ensure you find the most relief.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our office. I wish you all a happy holiday, healthy and a COVID-free new year!

– Dr. Sachin K. Shah and the Alternative Health of New Jersey Staff

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey

In order to gain access to the world of benefits that medical marijuana has to offer, you’ll first need to get a state-issued identification card. This card proves to marijuana dispensaries that you have an approved condition in New Jersey, and that a physician has provided written certification that you may benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Here are some benefits of getting a New Jersey medical marijuana card.

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Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition/disorder that is characterized by seizures, which range from relatively mild (a moment of impaired concentration) to extreme (total loss of consciousness). Medical Cannabis and CBD-dominant products in particular, have proven to be very effective at reducing the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures. We’ve seen a lot of success between medical marijuana and epilepsy patients.

Researchers say that there has been a 39 percent reduction in seizure occurrence provides strong evidence that the compound can help people living with Dravet syndrome and other seizure disorders. Its ability to lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease are unfathomable.

One of the most agonizing facts is that 34% of deaths in adolescents is due to epilepsy or accidents that occur during seizures.   Recently, epilepsy and cannabis have been highlighted in the news, especially success stories focusing on children with epilepsy who are trying medicinal cannabis. Some cases have shed light on the medicinal uses of cannabis, regardless of its compendium as a Schedule I narcotic and the commonly accepted legal age of consumption for mind-altering substances.

Cannabis has demonstrated so much promise in the treatment of epilepsy that FDA-approved clinical trials are underway because cannabis is so effective at treating seizures.

If you suffer from epilepsy and think you may be a candidate for medical marijuana, please contact us here. 

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New Study Reveals Reasons Women With Breast Cancer Use Cannabis

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death. While cannabis can’t cure cancer, it can remarkably reduce the acuteness of symptoms and will most certainly improve quality of life for patients. A new study reveals why more women with breast cancer are turning to cannabis. Research shows that both THC and CBD (two of the key active components found in cannabis) can stimulate appetite, which may help with the weight loss, anorexia and cachexia that many cancer patients experience. In addition, cannabis is very effective at combating the nausea caused by conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Studies show that cannabinoids either slow down the growth of or kill some types of cancer cells. Cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1. With the active ingredients cannabinoids possess, it can help regulate a number of biological functions in many organisms.

The American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana actually may considerately inhibit or stop the growth of tumors and cancer growth in brain, breast, lungs, pheochromocytoma, melanoma, leukemia, and other kinds of cancer.

Studies show that CBD may prevent cancer from spreading.

A few studies have found that inhaled (smoked or vaporized) marijuana can be helpful treatment of neuropathic pain (pain caused by damaged nerves). Marijuana can work similarly to opioids when treating individuals living with cancer related pain. Additionally, it may have anti-inflammatory effects that can help with pain. Some studies also convey certain cannabinoids may abate the growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer.

New Jersey Alternative Health Can Help

More and more research continues to come out regarding the benefits of CBD and medical marijuana in Northern New Jersey. Our specialized team of doctors can help find the right products for you so you can regain a higher quality of life. As soon as you have your registry identification card, you will be able to seek the products right for you.

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Marijuana for Joint Pain

Believe it or not, many medical marijuana patients are Baby Boomers. Marijuana in general is often associated with youthfulness, but truth be told, those who are older than 55 are seeing amazing benefits from using medical marijuana. More and more scientific evidence is suggesting that marijuana works wonders for joint and chronic pain, a major symptom of rheumatoid arthritis. 

According to Medical News Today, chronic pain affects more people than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined, accounting for the most common cause of long-term disability in the US. While many doctors are often accustomed to prescribing traditional pain relievers, more and more patients are looking for alternative, more natural products to help ease their pain. Some studies on the effectiveness of cannabis as a form of pain relief for rheumatoid arthritis, noted that a significant analgesic effect was observed and disease activity was undoubtedly suppressed.

While medical marijuana is not typically a solution for post-surgical pain, it can be an option for long-term chronic pain. If you think you might be a candidate for medical marijuana for joint pain, contact your primary care physician and discuss your pain relief options. 

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A Quick Understanding of CBD & THC

The cannabis plant is quite complex. While many of us are familiar with marijuana, in recent years CBD has been becoming increasingly more popular, especially within the last year. The truth is, there’s a complex grey area defining all of these things. In short, the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  is the defining factor for understanding which is right for you. Both CBD and marijuana contain amazing health benefits, but it may be hard to determine the best product for your needs.

Cannabidiol, most popularly known as CBD, can be extracted from a hemp or marijuana plant. Hemp is a plant in the cannabis family that contains less than .3% THC. THC is associated with the feeling of “getting high.” Any CBD extracted from the marijuana plant has much higher concentrations of THC, therefore is more likely to “get you high.” Hemp-derived CBD contains all the benefits of the cannabis plant, but with less than .3% THC, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. 

More and more products are hitting the market that are infused with CBD. They range of topicals, such as lotions, creams or salves to edibles, such as gummies, cookies, candies and even beverages. There are also tinctures, vapes, capsules and a variety of CBD extracts for consumption as well. 

Before purchasing and trying any CBD products, it’s very important to do your research. Make sure you are purchasing from a company where you can see where the hemp was grown and manufactured. This way you are able to examine the quality, purity and type of CBD you are purchasing. Please check your state’s regulations on hemp products, marijuana and CBD before purchasing. Currently, marijuana and CBD are still listed on the federal list of controlled substances.

If you think you may be a candidate for medical marijuana, please contact us here. 

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