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Why You Should Choose Alternative Health of New Jersey

Taking the steps toward a healthier, pain free life can be stressful. At Alternative Health of New Jersey, we take the stress off of you, so you can focus on feeling your best. Our clinic is the only clinic that offers hassle-free registration and filing. We know taking the time to fill out tedious paperwork can take hours and can often be overwhelming. That’s why our office does it all for you! 

Here’s how our process works

  1. Contact us and schedule your appointment
  2. Complete pre-visit paperwork and send medical records to our office
  3. Meet with the doctor (in our office or virtually through telemedicine) to review your medical history and confirm diagnosis 
  4. Our office then sends your application and paperwork to the state.
  5. Once the state approves your application (between 2-4 weeks), you’ll receive an e-mail that your card is ready. You pay the $100 fee to the state and obtain your card.
  6. Go to the dispensary of your choice and start reaping the benefits of medicinal marijuana!

It’s as simple as that. Our patients do not need to spend countless hours filling out paperwork and stressing to make sure it’s done correctly. We’re the ones who make sure it’s done correctly and promptly! In New Jersey, your medical marijuana card is valid for 2 years and your prescription is valid for 1 year. 

What sets us apart from other medical marijuana clinics 

Most other clinics require their patients to stay on top of their prescriptions and state marijuana card. In addition, our competitors require your annual fee paid in one lump sum. At Alternative Health of New Jersey, we take the financial stress away and offer worry free monthly payments over 12 months. No more big annual payments! Also, never worry about your prescription or card expiring! We take care of keeping those records up to date to ensure you always have your medicine when you need it!

Ready to make an appointment?

We’re ready to join you on your mission to feel your best! Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We’re now serving the entire state with our telemedicine appointments! 

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