April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness (IBS) Month

April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness (IBS) Month. At New Jersey Alternative Health, we’d like to bring attention to the disorder and how medical marijuana can help with IBS symptoms. IBS is very common. In fact, according to, many of us probably know at least one person impacted by this functional digestive disorder.

The term ‘inflammatory bowel disease’ (IBD) describes disorders that result in inflammation of the digestive tract, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Research found that IBD patients experience a variety of health benefits from using cannabis. Factors such as physical pain, social functioning, general health perception, ability to work and depression all saw notable progress.

Cannabis may be helpful with curing Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disorder that causes pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and more. Smoking a joint or consuming cannabis considerably reduces Crohn’s disease symptoms in 10 out of 11 patients, It has been known to bring about a complete cancellation of the disease in some patients.

Many researches have shown similar results. The cannabinoids seem to help the gut control bacteria and intestinal function.

The body makes THC-like compounds that increase the permeability of the intestines, allowing bacteria in. But the cannabinoids in marijuana block these compounds, making the intestinal cells bond together tighter and become less permeable.

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