How CBD Helps Treat Anxiety

In moderation, anxiety is not a bad thing. It is our body’s natural response to coping with threats to our safety or wellbeing. Anxiety may help motivate us to make significant changes in our lives such as working harder, improving our relationships, or setting personal goals for ourselves. However, on the same note, too much anxiety can be crippling to day-to-day functionality. In fact, roughly 18 percent of the population, or 40 million adults, suffer from anxiety-related disorders. While prescription drugs work for some to treat anxiety, cannabidiol (CBD) continues to grow in popularity.

Unlike medical marijuana in Pompton Plains, CBD does not make you feel high. CBD is known to counteract many of THC’s negative effects and can help treat panic disorders, social phobia, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, and more!

How CBD Works

Thanks to preclinical studies, we are able to better understand the effects that CBD has. CBD is shown to boost signaling via serotonin receptors. Repeated use of CBD is also shown to help the hippocampus create new neurons, a process that is helpful in aiding anxiety and depression.

New Jersey Alternative Health Can Help

More and more research continues to come out regarding the benefits of CBD and medical marijuana in Pompton Plains. Our specialized team of doctors can help find the right products for you so you can regain a higher quality of life. As soon as you have your registry identification card, you will be able to seek the products right for you.

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